11-08-04 "Anthropologiques d'architecture" Cahier de la Cambre n°2, Editions LaLettre Volée, Bruxelles, mars 2004 - Marc Gossé - La Cambre
18-06-04 GPA and ITDG are pleased to announce the publication in early September 2004 of ‘The Urban Housing Manual: Making regulatory guidelines work for the poor’. The manual and its accompanying CD-Rom provides professionals, communities and administrators with the means to review the extent to which existing planning regulations, standards and administrative procedures constrain or facilitate access by the urban poor to new legal shelter or the upgrading of informal settlements in developing countries. The manual is written by Geoffrey Payne and

Michael Majale. It is written without recourse to technical jargon but covers a wide range of issues relating to housing and urban development. It will be launched at the World Urban Forum at Barcelona in September 2004 and will also be available from the publishers Earthscan, bookshops and on-line retailers. The Manual is the main output of two complementary

research projects carried out by GPA and ITDG and teams of local researchers in eight countries. It comes with a CD-Rom containing background information on methods and case studies, together with a video.

The projects were funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) though the views expressed are not necessarily those of DFID.

Further information on the manual and the research can be found at
15-06-04 TRIALOG

80 "Neo-liberal Urbanity"

Volume Editors: Christopher Cripps, Alain Durand-Lasserve,Marc Gossé, Volker Kreibich, Jürgen Oestereich

Editorial:This issue of TRIALOG assembles a selection of papers presented at theseminar "Beyond the neo-liberal consensus on urban development: othervoices from Europe and the South". The seminar was organised by N-AERUS, the "Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanization in the South" founded in 1997, whose conferences have been annually reported by TRIALOG. The members of this Network (and the contributors to 2003 seminar in Paris) are scholars, researchers and practitioners as well as consultants of national and international development agencies, concerned with human settlement planning, development and management in the rapidly urbanizing areas of the South.

Table of Contents

What is Architecture to the South? A neglected Issue (Christopher Cripps)

Alternativen zur neo-liberalen Stadt - Stadterneuerung im Stadtzentrum von Casablanca (Marc Gossé)

How to Govern Urban Growth? The Tanzanian Experience (Wilbard J. Kombe, Volker Kreibich)

Gender Issues in Housing Privatisation: Intricacies of Property Transfer in Zambia (Ann Schlyter)

Fighting Urban Insecurity: Comments on the Victim Survey of Nairobi 2000 (Brigida Proto)

Water Services Privatisation in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Some Observations (Marianne Kjellén)

Public Failure and Private Success ? Disentangling Theory, Practice and Outcomes in Urban Water Services (Carole Rakodi)

Neo-liberal Arguments, Technology and Public Institutions:
Environmental, Economical and Social Problems in Cities of Argentina, Bolivia and Cuba (J-C. Bolay, Y. Pedrazzini, A. Rabinovich, A. Catenazzi,C. P. Garcia)

Urban Management unter neo-liberalem Druck: Beobachtungen in Guadalajara (Adriana Fausto Brito)

Für ein Recht auf Wohnung und ein Recht auf Stadt (Jean-François Tribillon)

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23-01-04 Fragmentation spatiale et fragmentation sociale dans la perspective de la globalisation: la place du gouvernement local, in F. Navez-Bouchanine (sous la direction), La fragmentation en question: des villes entre fragmentation spatiale et fragmentation sociale, - Marcello Balbo - L’Harmattan, Paris, 2002
23-01-04 Boeng Salang (with C. Rithisen, G. Lemarchands), in Phnom Penh à l’aube du XXIe siècle, - Marcello Balbo - APUR, Paris, 2003
23-01-04 Habiter Phnom Penh, in Phnom Penh à l’aube du XXIe siècle, - Marcello Balbo - APUR, Paris, 2003
23-01-04 La nueva gestión urbana , in Jordan, R. y Simioni, D. (compiladores), Gestión urbana para el desarrollo sostenibile, Santiago de Chile, - Marcello Balbo - 2003
23-01-04 La città inclusiva - Marcello Balbo - (ed.), Franco Angeli, Milano, 2002 Spanish edition, La ciudad inclusiva, - Marcello Balbo - CEPAL, Santiago de Chile, 2003
06-11-03 We would like to announce the

79 issue of TRIALOG

, the journal for Planning and Building in the Third World:
Tourism in Developing Countries The bilingual journal may be obtained for EURO 10,- with IKO-Verlag, Postfach 900 421, D-60444 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Fax: ++49 (0)69 7896575, e-mail:

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06-11-03 TRIALOG 78

Social Production of Habitat in Latin America
by Eike Jakob Schütz / Klaus Teschner

The journal focuses as usually on a series of local perspectives and case studies on the theme. While its predominant language is English, the majority of the articles is also available in Spanish at the website of the journal (
16-10-03 Confronting Fragmentation

Housing and Urban Development in a Democratising Society - Philip Harrison, Marie Huchzermeyer, Mzwanele Mayekiso - Solani Ngobeni - 2003