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10th N-AERUS Conference 2009, Rotterdam, 1 to 3rd October 2009

"Challenges to open cities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East: shared spaces within and beyond"

The conference intends to provide a discussion platform to explore one spectrum of contemporary urban processes by focusing on the diverse understandings of the notion of open cities. An underlying assumption is that contemporary cities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East are driven by dual processes of spatial, social, cultural, economic and political integration and exclusion. Such processes help shape the openness, or the degree of being closed, of urban areas in reference to themselves or in relation to their hinterland and beyond. It is also assumed that there is a complex "open – closed” continuum determined by globalisation processes on the one hand and the need to maintain local identities and values on the other hand.

Possible contributions are invited to challenge mainstream concepts and explore these issues in the contexts of cities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, aiming to learn from differences in their experiences. The papers can focus on the understanding of open/closed systems within and beyond.Case studies are highly welcome, as well as papers which advance theory.

Papers will be selected by an independent scientific committee composed by IHS and N-AERUS representatives, though a blind refereeing process. After the conference a selection of the best articles will be published.



  • Date:
    The conference will take place from 1st to 3rd of October 2009.
  • Hosting Institution:
    The organising and hosting institution is: the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies –IHS- in Rotterdam.
  • Deadline for Abstracts:
    June 1st 2009
  • Funding:
    A limited number of (partial) IHS fellowships will be available for excellent papers, to support the participation of some researchers or practitioners from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Candidates are encouraged to indicate their wish to be considered for funding when submitting their abstracts.

  • Accommodation:
    Some low-cost accommodation will be available for participants. Relevant details to apply for low-cost accommodation will be provided on the conference website http://www.naerus.net along with supplementary information on additional accommodation at special negotiated rates.
  • The IHS team:
    Forbes Davidson, Marijk Huysman, Alonso Ayala, Anirban Pal & Maartje van Eerd
  • The N-AERUS Coordination Group:
    Peter Gotsch, Harry Smith & Eleni Kyrou




Author Affiliation Title PDF Size
Abdella, Amir Mustafa    Nakheel  Global Dubai, Particular Challenges Ahead 6MB
Awuor Hayangah, Rosemary; Ofosu-Kwakye, Yvonne School of Architecure, Planning and Housing, Unviersity of KwaZulu-Natal  Open City Policy Implementation: The Case of Three Post-Democratic Sub-Saharan African Cities  0,5MB
Barbosa, Gabriela; De la Mora, Luis; Setton, Joana Paiva  Federal University of Pernambuco/ UFPE (Brazil) and TU-Dortmund, Germany   Social disintegration, rise of violence and closed communities in resettlement programs in Brazil  24MB
Bijlsma, Bas; Hordijk Michaela Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and Urban Development Studies (AMIDSt), University of Amsterdam Open Streets but Closed Minds: Differentiated Exclusion of Buenos Aires’ Cartoneros 0,3MB
Boano, Camillo    Development Planning Unit – Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL London      Conflictive urbanism in Dharavi: mega-projects, mega-resistances and the dialectics of “right to the city”     0,3MB
Chutapruttikorn, Rittirong    School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University      We speak louder than before: A reflection on participatory
housing design for low-income people
de Wit, Joop      ISS Municipal Councillors in New Delhi: Agents of integration or exclusion?  0,3MB
Fahmi, Wael Salah  Helwan University-Department of Architecture - Cairo-Egypt   Fragmented Cairotopias: ‘Heterotopology’ of Greater Cairo's Suburban Communities  16,4MB
Fletcher, Henry    The London School of Economics and Political Science Development-aid in urban and regional infrastructure projects: Characteristics of donor-relations in Mali 7,5MB
Fuchs, Anthony; Guatelli, Igor; Klaarenbeek, Jaap; Moelker, Jasper     Center for Commercial and Urban Consultancy, Mackenzie University, Active IDs  The Open City – A Matter of Access? 0,3MB
Grazi, Fabio International Research Centre on Environment and Development An Empirical Analysis of Urban Form, Transport, and Global Warming  0,5MB
Hao Pu; Hooimeijer, Pieter; Sliuzas,Richard; Geertman, Stan   Utrecht University and ITC Enschede  Open Villages within the Exclusive City: an Empirical Study on Urban Villages in Shenzhen, China    5MB
Hehl, Rainer; Stollmann, Jörg   Institute of Urban Design, ETH Zürich, Architecture and Urban Design TU Berlin urbaninform: Multi-scalar Networks for the Convergence of Micro- and
Hernandez, Jaime Javeriana University, Colombia The Role of Open Spaces in Connecting Popular Settlements Within and Beyond, Two Cases from Bogota 5,5MB
Hudalah, Delik; Winarso, Haryo; Woltjer, Johan; Linden, Gerard J.J. Bandung Institute of Technology; Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen Peri-urban environmental management in North Bandung Area, Indonesia: Policy network and institutional capacity  1,1MB
Ilberg, Antje   German Development  Low income housing options in Lilongwe in the context of urban migration and traditions 6,7MB
Mahesa Himawan Dorodjatoen, Agung Utrecht University The Emergence of Jakarta-Bandung Mega-Urban Region and Its Future Challenges 7MB
Mans, Ulrich       Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies (AMIDSt), University of Amsterdam    Opening up to the World? Khartoum’s Position within a Global City Network 5,5MB
Martinez, Javier; Pfeffer Karin, van Dijk Tara     ITC Enschede, Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and International
Development Studies
The capacity of e-government tools: claimed potentials / unnamed limitations   2,2MB
Noor M.; Baud, Isa Maastricht School of Management, Department of Geography, University of Amsterdam Between Hierarchies and Networks in Local Governance: New institutional arrangements in making Mumbai a ‘world class city’  
Razavi, Niloofar Beheshti University of Tehran, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Supple Landscapes 0,2MB
Roitman, Sonia; Phelps, Nick Bartlett School of Planning – Unviersity College London  Does The ‘Closed’ City Contribute To The ‘Open City’? The Recent Growth Of Pilar, Argentina. 0,2MB
Sandhu, Kiran     Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar     The Open City with Narrow Crevices; Marginalisation versus Facilitation in Urban Space, Amritsar City, India 0,3MB
Scheinsohn, Mariano; Cabrera Cecilia        ISU-FADU-UBA Segregación, Movilidad y Desigualdad. Dinámicas interrelacionadas en el proceso de reestructuración de la Región Metropolitana de Buenos Aires. 0,25MB
Syahbana Indraprahasta, Galuh   Center for Regional System Analysis, Planning, and Development Bogor Agricultural University The Role of Sustainable Community on Developing Sustainable City (A Case Study on Kampoeng Bogor in Bogor City)      3,7MB
Tukwasiibwe, Moses   Department of Development Studies, Bishop Stuart University, Uganda  Contemporary challenges to an open city in Sub-Saharan Africa; the case of Kampala City. 0,2MB
van Dijk, Meine Pieter UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water education  Ecological cities, what are we heading for and are new towns examples of ecological cities? 0,3MB
van Dijk, Tara University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Institute of Metropolitan and International Development Studies (AMIDSt) Unpacking Urban Inequalities: The Strategic-Relational Livelihoods Approach 1,2MB
Widyasamratri, Hasti       Gadjah Mada University  Utilization of Urban index and vegetation index transformation on aster image satellite for analysis urban environment condition (case: Semarang municipality)     4,7MB




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