Papers of the 19th N-AERUS conference “Housing and Human Settlements in a World of Change”

Title Authors Session
From the Hyper-ghetto to State-subsidized Urban Sprawl. Old and New Vulnerabilities in Buffalo City, South Africa Gerhard Kienast Housing and Climate Change
Urban Environmental Migrants: Demands a Unique Category of Human Refugees to Ensure Their Right to Land and Resettlements Syed Mukaddim et al. Housing and Climate Change
Learning from Co-produced Landslide Risk Mitigation Strategies in Low-income Settlements in Medellin (Colombia) and São Paulo (Brazil) Harry Smith et al. Housing and Climate Change
Housing of Climate-induced Displaces at Their Destination. Re-examine Perceived Vulnerabilities of the Informal Settlements in Khulna City, Bangladesh Mohammad Swapan Housing and Climate Change
Sustainable Communities as a Response to Climate Change: Analysis of Geroldsäcker Eco-housing Project and Recommendations for its Replication Considering Current Urban Challenges Rolando Javier Andrade Fiallos et al. Housing and Climate Change
Forecast of Municipal Housing Demand: An Introduction to the IOER-Online Program “Kommunale Wohnungsnachfrageprognose” and its Adoption Potential Daniel Eichhorn et al. Housing and Migration
Influence of Migrants’ Two-direction Linkage on Urban Villages in China. The Case of Shigezhuang Village in Beijing Shiyu Yang Housing and Migration
Understanding the Housing Needs of Low-skilled Bangladeshi Migrants in Oman. Study Cases: A Labor Camp and a Migrant Neighborhood Shaharin Elham Annisa Housing and Migration
Need for Housing or Speculation? Urban Expansion of the City of Tarija, Bolivia Fabio Bayro-Kaiser Housing and Migration
Strategies for Land-tenure, Housing and Neighbourhood-building in Filadelfia, Chaco Paraguay. A Comparative Study of Different Neighbourhoods Yves Schoonjans Housing and Migration
Enabling Urban Poor to Access Formal Housing in a Neo-liberal World: A Case Study from Tamil Nadu, India Arpan Mazumder and Alokananda Nath Housing in the Neoliberal Paradigm
The Challenge of Informal Housing Market. The Case of Informal Housing in Greater Cairo Region, Egypt Mohammed Ahmed Abdulmoneim Alfiky Housing in the Neoliberal Paradigm
The Role of Academia in The Participatory Planning Process of Informal Settlements. Case Study EZBET Project in Cairo, Egypt Manal El-Shahat Housing in the Neoliberal Paradigm
Mutual Aid, Self-management and Collective Ownership: Social Capital as a Housing Finance Counter-mechanism to Neoliberal Policies Marielly Casanova Housing in the Neoliberal Paradigm
Housing and Land Supply Scarcity Amidst Abundance: Insights Over the Complexity of Financialisation of Home in Metropolitan Odisha, India Jaime Royo Olid and Shailaja Fennell Housing in the Neoliberal Paradigm
Indonesian Housing Policy in the Era of Globalization Jo Santoso Housing in the Neoliberal Paradigm