N-aerus Working Group 3: Housing and Planning

The WG will focus on housing, planning and design transcending the formal/ informal divide. The discussion will be potentially structured according to:
(i) issues; (ii) trends; (iii) problems; (iv) approaches.

(I) Housing perspectives – marking the role of housing for the reduction of social-spatial segregation

– re-centring of housing as key component of city-making for reducing socio-spatial segregation and building inclusion
– understanding housing beyond Turner and its critics, reflecting the pleas for a new generation of housing policies in

(II) Planning perspectives – Urban design and planning vis-à-vis current urbanisation patterns and planning frameworks

– new urban elites, emerging middle classes and their impact on urbanisation patterns
– social movements and access to land and housing
– urban planning in poor countries and ‘global’ planning models

(III) Policy perspectives – projects and initiatives for building a more equitable urban development

– the challenge of densification, urban infill and rehab vs urban sprawl
– the challenge of conflating planning with design
– fostering policy development from urban research

For further information please contact Viviana d’Auria and Peter