WUF 10 Networking event. Mobilizing local research for global agendas: connecting regional networks to encourage sustainable urban development across research and policy cultures

NE47 Monday, February 10th, Hall 2 , Room 7

Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South (N-AERUS); African Urban Research Initiative (AURI); Red de Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable en Latinoamerica y el Caribe (REDEUS_LAC)
Organization Country: Germany


This event aims at discussing knowledge on NUA implementation, at stimulating urban debates and at promoting urban innovation through independent research networks. Following a networking event at Habitat III in Quito, scholars and activists representing three research networks from three continents will share and reflect local experiences and cultures on promoting sustainable urbanisation, and discuss the relevance of inter- regional collaboration and networking. Specific attention will be given to locally rich and diverse experiences to be shared among its regions and with the rest of the world. The initiative is supported by Cities Alliance’s Joint Work Program (JWP) on Equitable Economic Growth through the project Equity, Services and Economic Development in Cities of the Global South: Engaging Research in Policy Making. It addresses the interplay between equitable economic development and improved access to public goods and services, in line with NUA and 2030 Agenda goals. The WUF10 networking event will be followed up by a series of webinars. The session consists of:

1. Presentation of first-phase findings of the joint project on Equity, Services and Economic Development in Cities of the Global South (15 min)

2. Presentations by the three participating networks reflecting on policies and projects on equitable development through public goods and services (45 minutes)

3. Discussion on the first part and group work on some key aspects of the debate and to promote networking among the participants (45 minutes)

4. Final debate and closing (15 minutes). The presentations will reflect on one or a combination of: a) Local innovations, challenges, lessons for NUA implementation in Latin America/ Caribbean, Africa and Europe. b) Experience on engaging research in policy making to implement the NUA and SDGs in network region. c) Case studies of innovative policies and projects on equitable development through public good and services.