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NEWS in the Network - for your information

• Vacancy Announcement "Urban Environment Specialist (ICA) w/Cities Alliance, Brussels

• Global Land Indicators Initiative informs: Updates on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process - January 2015


Cities Alliance announces a vacancy for an Urban Environment Specialist (ICA) 

This will be a full time role in Brussels to primarily support work outputs linked to the Cities Alliance' Joint Work Program on Resilient Cities.  

Please see vacancy/ToR:


Deadline - March 15, 2015


The Global Land Indicators Initiative informs: Updates on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process - January 2015


1. Updates on the SDG process: January 2015

GA 69 Intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda

The first session of the intergovernmental negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda, took place from 19 to 21 January 2015 at UN Headquarters in New York.

On the Goals and targets (some divergences on what is being described as 'technical proofing"):

OWG proposal (SDGs) is far reaching and ambitious achievement, integrating elements in a balanced way, and is the main basis for the integration of goals and targets in the post-2015 agenda – process was open, transparent and inclusive intergovernmental, including stakeholders, and has broad legitimacy.

• Some suggest, as SG offered, to have Technical Task Team do technical proofing of goals and targets - some suggested criteria to guide technical proofing, some suggest parameters.

• Some MS fear that technical proofing risk undermining balanced achieved by the SDGs, and could end up re-opening that OWG proposal.

• Global Indicators: UN Statistical Commission, working with the UNTT and stakeholders, will present for the March session a draft set of indicative global indicators to accompany the goals and targets – not to be negotiated in this inter-governmental process.  Then in March, MS will decide on the way forward

On the Declaration: based on views of MS, co-facilitators to circulate a short paper before February meeting proposing elements of declaration, which, based on member states’ views, will draw on key documents, such as the Millennium Declaration, SG's synthesis.  Declaration will be comprehensive in scope, but concise, inspirational and visionary.

Means of Implementation (MoI) and Global Partnerships: higher level of  ambition needed and interconnectedness with Financing for Development (FfD) process – thus need to maximize coherence between the two tracks, particularly with regard to financing.  

Follow-up and review:  

• Importance of open, transparent and inclusive follow-up and review framework.

• For the agenda to have legitimacy, multiple stakeholders must be involved in follow-up.

• Framework for reviewing must be universal, voluntary and non-selective, and built upon existing review mechanisms and processes.

• Many highlighted the role of UN system on follow-up. HLPF has an important role to play.

GA 69 Preparatory Process for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development [FfD] - First drafting session (28-29 January 2015)

The first drafting session of the outcome document of the third International Conference on Financing for Development took place at UN Headquarters in New York on 28 and 29 January 2015. Delegates commented on an elements paper prepared by the Financing for Development Office. Many countries supported retaining the format of the Monterrey Consensus document and adding elements, such as technology, capacity and innovation. Many developing countries called for a South-South and North-South cooperation and they also emphasized the 0.7% ODA commitment and the need to improve the quantity and quality of ODA. Developed countries, meanwhile, called on the process to take into account the role of good governance and an enabling environment, and the importance of domestic action (including resource mobilization).

2. Thematic workshop on Land Use Management
“Possibilities for indicators on sustainable land management for the Global Land Indicators Initiative”
5-6 February 2015, EAA, Copenhagen, Denmark


The main objective of this thematic workshop is to discuss with stakeholders in the area of soils and sustainable land management with a view to developing a set of indicators.
Accordingly experts are invited to:

• provide inputs to the topic of sustainable land management, which requires a better understanding of what can be measured using automated feature recognition of spatial data (e.g. from satellite imagery or digital cadastre)

• develop proposals to balance these insights with perspectives from the field (based on data collection through e.g. use of expert groups, household surveys, participatory mapping)

• provide input on existing global indicator initiatives and their potential for implementation at different levels and

• discuss top-down/bottom-up perspectives to provide inputs on a set of indicators (2-5) on sustainable land management while taking into account existing indicator initiatives

Please find all presentations as well as accompanying key messages at: http://transfer.eea.europa.eu/download/aac924faee6b812eb77f64ade43e03b6. Please make sure you download the files within the next month.

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