Dear N-AERUS Members

We are writing to you on behalf of the team that recently secured a small grant from Cities Alliance in collaboration with REDEUS and AURI. After working on this grant for while now, we are in the position to invite more people on board. The grant focuses on "“Equity, Services and Economic Development in Cities of the Global South: Engaging Research in Policy Making”. Details of the grant are available here: 

Much like how we worked to carry out the position papers for HIII back in 2015, we would like to create 3 work groups corresponding to the first three work packages. Each working group will have 3 members from each network, so each working group will have 9 members (3 from each network). The project has 5 work packages, and WP 4&5, will be managed by members from the three working groups. 

As a member of N-AERUS, we would like to fill in the following form to support your application. Given the limitation of space and very small resources, we will aim to be as democratic as possible. Link to the form:

Please respond by May 19, 2019 for us to have enough time to put the groups together. We aim to start the work by early June, with the final deliverable a year from now.

Looking forward to hearing back.

On behalf of the co-ordinators,

Paola Alfaro d’Alençon
Sukanya Krishnamurthy
Wolfgang Scholz
Luisa Moretto
Anthony Boanada Fuchs


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