Dear N-Aerus Members,

We hope you are well and safe in these troubled times. The corona pandemic has shown how important political leaders - and in particular local governments - are in developing consistent responses to the unfolding health crises. We are starting to see the ways in which cross-sectoral collaborations can contribute to major challenges in the making.

As some of you might know, N-Aerus is involved in a cooperation project for Cities Alliance on the role of local governments in enabling sustainable urban development. The project has reached a stage where we would like to reach out to the member base with an open invitation to share your views and provide feedback on the current research.

We invite you to express your interest of participation by filing out a short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C8THTP7

Getting involved in this project offers the possibility to shape position paper with policy relevance. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me (anthony-boanada-fuchs@unisg.ch).

My name is Anthony Boanada-Fuchs and I am the coordinator of working group 1 for the project. This working group is aiming to critically examine the relationship between public goods and public services provision (PG&PS) and equitable economic development with a focus on Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, as well as Europe and their individual regional challenges.

We have collected a list of possible case studies that we want to narrow down in order to identify promising examples of good practice throughout our three regions. These cases not only demonstrate ways in which cities implement PG&PS provision, but also how positive synergies were created to improve the lives of the urban poor by involving the community, creating better access to employment and generating other economic benefits, and recognizing informal activities (more detailed information would be provided in a follow-up email).

The survey will ask you to indicate the geographic focus (which continent and/or country) and thematic specialization of your work. The PG&PS that we focus on are (i) housing, (ii) slum upgrading, (iii) basic infrastructure, (iv) civic infrastructure, (v) digital infrastructure, (vi) public space; (vii) urban mobility, and (viii) education, skill-building, and cash transfer programs. Everyone who fills out the survey will receive more information about the project, how we organize our workflow, and an Excel overview of the list of case studies we are considering.

The project is depending on strong academic networks and we hope you share our enthusiasm that N-AERUS members can get involved in contributing to a position paper that will be circulating broadly in the international networks of N-Aerus.


All the best





Yours N-aerus Coordination Team,

Paola Alfaro d’Alençon, Jakub Galuszka, Paola Piscitelli and Mariano Scheinsohn 



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