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As a part of our continued project with Cities Alliance on Equitable Economic Growth, we are hosting an upcoming webinar "Affordable Housing and Land in Latin America" on Friday, July 24th at 15:00 CET. Co-organized by Cities Alliance and the World Bank, in this online seminar, local practitioners will present slum upgrading projects from Belo Horizonte and Buenos Aires, discuss their similarities and differences and open the conversation up to what lessons can be learned from these projects for broader global housing programs.

This seminar presents two promising case studies of slum upgrading in Latin America. By reviewing the positive and lasting impacts of these projects, we continue to systematize global evidence on the role that the delivery of public goods and services (PG&S) has for Equitable Economic Growth. This research seeks to derive global lessons from local practices about the governance, resources and interlinkages required to make more equitable and sustainable cities. 

Whether your research focus is in Latin America or elsewhere, this event should give in-depth perspectives on the practices and strategies for promoting Equitable Economic Growth and global development goals. After the event, we will host a short round table to discuss how lessons learned from these cases could be applicable in other areas of the world.


ONLINE SEMINAR – Affordable Housing and Land in Latin America: learning globally from local best practices in pursuit of Equitable Economic Growth

Friday, July 24, 2020 | 15:00 CET
Registration and Information here: http://habitat-unit.de/en/events/webseminar-iv/

webinar theme:

The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic and its geography within city regions have brought attention to the socio-economic cracks of current urbanization patterns. Poor neighborhoods and dense informal settlements are disproportionally at risk of becoming contamination vectors. With the health crisis, the fundamentals of cities are again back on the discussion tables: What cities do we want? How best to achieve them?

Urban Local Governments are one of the most essential actors to initiate and sustain change in the urban environment. However, the resources and institutional structure of local governments differ greatly between regions and cultures and more insights are needed for understanding contextual factors that explain successful local practices.

An ongoing collaboration project investigates the relationship between improved access to urbanity and more equitable and sustainable urban development.

• What can be learned from promising housing and slum upgrading projects in Latin America?

• Can local best practices be translated between global regions?

• How can interested academics and practitioners get involved to improve current transnational learning experiences?


 In this online event, we hope to:


• Present an overview of PG&S provision related to Equitable Economic Growth as promoted by international organizations,

• Provide in-depth reflections on two housing programs in Latin America that prioritize strategic delivery of PG&S, and

• Highlight the challenges of trans-national learning and how to systematize good practices.

Date: July 24, 2020
Time: 15:00 CET
Length: 60 minutes
Registration: http://habitat-unit.de/en/events/webseminar-iv/

The webinar and subsequent discussion will be conducted in English.

opening remarks by:

Anna Wellenstein - Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean (World Bank)

with panelists: 

Anthony Boanada-Fuchs - WP1  (N-AERUS, University St. Gallen)

Anaclaudia Rossbach (Cities Alliance)

Catherine Lynch (World Bank)

and case presentation by:

Júnia Naves Nogueira (URBEL - Belo Horizonte)

Diego Fernández (Barrio 31 - Buenos Aires)


Questions, comments and reflections from the audience!

For more information on this webinar, please go to: http://habitat-unit.de/en/events/webseminar-iv/

webinar series:

This online seminar is organised by Working Package 1 as one of a five-part series to evaluate, contextualize and operationalize existing research by Cities Alliance on equitable economic growth in cities of the Global South. Three research networks, working in Europe (N-AERUS), Africa (AURI) and LAC (REDEUS_LAC), collaborate to identify common problems cities face in pursuing social equity and economic growth, to share tested strategies for integrating policy making and research, and to disseminate these strategies to broader urban contexts. By targeting a global audience, we can share experience both within and beyond the regional focus of each seminar. For more information on the project, please go to: https://www.citiesalliance.org/newsroom/news/cities-alliance-news/cities-alliance-announces-grant-tu-berlin-equity-services-and

We look forward to your participation, input and questions!



Yours N-aerus Coordination Team,

Paola Alfaro d’Alençon, Jakub Galuszka, Paola Piscitelli and Mariano Scheinsohn 



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