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N-AERUS is a pluridisciplinary network of researchers and experts working on urban issues in Developing countries. It was created in March 1996 by a group of European researchers.

Conference Registration

To register to the 20th N-AERUS Conference please send a mail to: naerus2021@gmail.com

For everybody the conference is public available per video


20th N-AERUS Conference

20th N-AERUS Conference: Technische Universität Berlin, 4-6 February 2021 (The conference will be organised in an online setting)

Urban Thinkers Campus

Urban Thinkers Campus on Slum Upgrading in Asia, December 11, 10:30-12:30 UTC, Cities Alliance and the University of St.Gallen

TRIALOG Conference, 8-11 September 2021

“Changing voices? European Civil Society in the Global Urban Development Discourse” in collaboration with the IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam

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