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21st N-AERUS Conference, 27-29 October 2022

N-AERUS Conference, 27-29 October 2022


Urban and Rural Planning Discipline of Khulna University, Bangladesh
& Department of Sustainable Cities and Communities, University of Kassel, Germany

The role of the state in the urban development in the Global South remains relevant for academics and practitioners. This is a particular interesting moment to discuss such relations, given the struggles emerging from decades of neoliberal urban policies, planning and management. In this conference, we engage with research and practices around the world that reflect on the impacts of such policies and their unfolding in urban development, with a particular focus on how the state engages with the private sector, the civil society, and the people.

The conference “Transforming Role of State in Addressing Inclusive Urban Development” is a cooperation among the Department of Sustainable Cities and Communities and Urban Renewal and the Department of Planning Theory at the University of Kassel, Germany, the Urban and Rural Planning Discipline at the University of Khulna, Bangladesh, and N-AERUS - Network Association of European Researchers on Urbanization in the South (www.n-aerus.net). For three days we will have scholars from 12 countries, presenting at the University of Kassel, Khulna University and online . We are inviting participants to join us in Kassel and in Khulna from 27 to 29 October 2022.

We will have an enormous variety of contributions with global examples on the following sessions:

Session 01: Global Crisis & Local Challenges
Session 02: State Ideology & Urban Policy
Session 03: Transforming Citizenship & Governance
Session 04: Emerging Agents, Dynamics & Narratives
Session 05: Peripheries
Session 06: Rehabilitation & Transformation
Session 07: Participatory Planning & Design
Session 08: Access to Land & Infrastructure
Session 09: Inclusion

Keynote speakers both in Kassel and Khulna will include Prof. Dr. Harry Smith, Prof. Ya Ping Wang, MSc. Arch. Geoffrey Payne and Dr. Ximena de la Barra. On the 26th October, before the start of the conference, another keynote speech by Andreas Kemper about “Private Cities” (in German) will be held in Kassel.

Please find the conference program and the form for attendee registration. The book of abstracts is available here. For more information please contact naerus2022@gmail.com.

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