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2019 Berlin Summer School

Thirteen master’s students and four PhD students from SoAP who are the 2019 Wits-TUB scholarship recipients joined masters students from the Habitat Unit and Urban Management Programme from TUB in a collaborative academic exchange over a week of various lectures, seminars, field trips, exhibitions and presentations by internal and external stakeholders. The summer school took place at the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) from the 23rd - 30th of July 2019.

The central theme was the “Housing Question in Berlin” which was meant to develop an understanding of the contestations and struggles for Housing in Berlin. Students interacted with non-profit organisations and self-organising groups and local experts who jointly with the students participated in a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) exercise that co-produces knowledge about how and in what ways the ‘Housing Question’ relates and advances the SDG’s. Students also had an opportunity to visit the various housing projects.

The aim of the visits and the SDG exercise was to document, study, visualize, analyse, compare and evaluate the variety of approaches to developing and managing housing. In the end, students had to draw their own conclusions and present a poster and power-point presentation.


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