Discussions towards and at Habitat III

Within the course of the Cities Alliance – N-aerus Partnership intermediary findings of the three joint Working Groups on Informality, Governance and Housing are shared and discussed with the broader public in a series of events towards Habitat III and at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito, 17-20 Oct 2016, itself:

Habitat III – Regional Meeting Europe, Prague
Sustainable Housing in Livable Cities: European Habitat
16-19 March 2016

Habitat III – APERAU Side Event, Brussels
“Future in Cities: Views for a New Urban Agenda”
10 May 2016

Habitat III – Networking Event, Quito
“The New Urban Agenda in the Global South: Engaging Research in Policy Making”
18 October 2016. (Event’s presentation)

Habitat III – Cities Alliance Pavilion, Quito
“Views for a New Urban Agenda”
19 October 2016