The N-AERUS Network invites once a year its members and interested students and professionals to meet and exchange in person on current issues of urbanisation and urban development across the globe. The conferences are commonly hosted and organised by members of the N-AERUS network and supported by the N-AERUS coordination group.

NEW! In 2018, the 19th N-AERUS conference “Housing and Human Settlements in a World of Change” will take research papers online essaywriter place from 8-10 November at the Department of International Urbanism, University of Stuttgart, Germany.  More information, including the program, deadlines and registration form are available on the conference sub-page.

Information about the recommended accommodation options and the deadlines for booking of rooms under preferential rates is also available in the conference sub-page.

In 2017 the 18th N-AERUS conference took place from Sept 14-16 at the Politecnico Milano, Italy. Information on the Conference Agenda, the conference venue and accommodations are shared here. For the Keynote Lecture by Julio D Dávila (DPU, UCL), please click here. All papers N-Aerus 2017 can be downloaded here.

In 2016 the 17th N-AERUS conference “GOVERNING, PLANNING, AND MANAGING THE CITY IN AN UNCERTAIN WOLD. COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES ON EVERYDAY PRACTICES” took place 17-19 November 2016 at the School of Public Administration, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Please see here for detailed information. All papers N-Aerus 2016 can be downloaded here.

Explore here on N-AERUS Conferences in prior years:

2015 – 16th N-AERUS Conference TU Dortmund/TU Berlin “WHO WINS AND WHO LOSES? – Exploring research papers online essaywriter and learning from transformations and actors in the cities of the South“

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