Dear N-aerus Support Group,

as the 18th N-aerus Conference in Milan is approaching we would like to raise your attention to the fact that the term of our network's coordination group is coming to an end in Milan.

We would therefore like to encourage your advice and suggestions for interested and engaged members within our network to volunteer for the coordination work and dedicatae some of their time in taking the network further. 

During the past years we have had the chance to instigate and facilitate as coordination group the cooperation of our network with the Cities Alliance as well as other research and practitioners networks on the Urban South such as Redeus. This has allowed N-aerus to take an active role in the discussions leading up to Habitat III and a direct contribution to the Quito Conference in 2016. 

At the Milan Conference we are now looking forward to the beginning cooperation with the SDSN network around the topic of the Urban SDGs.

In order to pass the baton to the 'next generation' of N-aerus members, we are looking forward to your suggestions and are happy to support the new coordination group to take up their work successfully.

Thank you very much for your support and suggestions!


Yours N-aerus Coordination Team,

Cecilia Cabrera, Alexandra Linden and Enrico Michelutti


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